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Mosaic is an annual language arts program for middle school students to showcase their creative talents and express their cultural identities. The program is held in partnership with Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) and Montgomery County Public Libraries (MCPL). Entries are in the category of essay, short story, or poem (including a spoken word or written version of a rap) and allow students to creatively express their personal reflections on diversity and culture.

Congratulations to our 2019-2020 Awardees

Note: Thank you for your patience! Goodie bags will be available soon. We will send an email to all awardees when they will be ready for pickup.

6th Grade Winners

Amina Sallman, Essay, Benjamin Banneker Middle School
Natalie Pak, Poem, Robert Frost Middle School
Vikram Reddy, Short Story, Robert Frost Middle School

7th Grade Winners

Kate McDonough, Essay, Parkland Middle School
Monica Teran, Poem, John Poole Middle School
Hannah You, Short Story, Herbert Hoover Middle School

8th Grade Winners

Ashwin Gopalaswami, Essay, Parkland Middle School
Sienna Jackson, Poem, Silver Creek Middle School
Megan Cox, Short Story, Eastern Middle School

6th Grade Honorable Mentions

Hasan Roumani, Essay, Parkland Middle School
Ana Maria Stana, Essay, Parkland Middle School
Taziyah Dawkins, Poem, Argyle Middle School
Esha Sharma, Short Story, Robert Frost Middle School
Idia Ighile, Short Story, Parkland Middle School

7th Grade Honorable Mentions

Canaan Bogale, Essay, Benjamin Banneker Middle School
Risha Manthini, Short Story, John Poole Middle School
Fiorella Trujillo, Short Story, Sligo Middle School

8th Grade Honorable Mentions

Andrea Teran, Essay, John Poole Middle School
Christina Caggiano, Poem, Robert Frost Middle School
Za’Niya Duncan, Poem, Montgomery Village Middle School
Abby Nega, Poem, Herbert Hoover Middle School

Best in Show

Jacob Felman, Poem, Robert Frost Middle School, 8th Grade

Ceremony Program

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Congratulations to our 2018-19 Awardees

Mosaic 2019


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