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Mosaic is an annual language arts program for middle school students to showcase their creative talents and express their cultural identities. The program is held in partnership with Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) and Montgomery County Public Libraries (MCPL). Entries are in the category of essay, short story, or poem (including a spoken word or written version of a rap) and allow students to creatively express their personal reflections on diversity and culture.

Congratulations to our 2018-2019 Awardees

Student Grade (SPACE) School Category Award
Serena Dutky 6 Eastern Essay Winner
Hana Massarueh 6 Parkland Essay Honorable Mention
Grace Adigun 6 Lakelands Park Poem Winner
Noor Mahmoud 6 Robert Frost Poem Honorable Mention (SPACE)
Natalie Rivera 6 Forest Oak Short Story Winner
Isabella Melendez 6 Takoma Park Short Story Honorable Mention
Ella Rubie Moore 7 John Poole Essay Winner
Leonardo Jorge 7 John Poole Essay Honorable Mention
Marissa Boucher 7 Eastern Poem Winner
Mason Chen 7 Julius West Poem Honorable Mention
Maxwell Bingham 7 John Poole Short Story Winner
Obina Onyeson 7 Benjamin Banneker (SPACE) Short Story Honorable Mention
Julieth Vanegas Londono 8 Lakelands Park Essay Winner
Angelina Hermosilla Roman  (SPACE) 8 Robert Frost Essay Honorable Mention
Shayyan Ahmed 8 Robert Frost Essay Honorable Mention
Hrishita Mareddy 8 Hallie Wells Poem Winner
Sarah Bamba 8 Neelsville Poem Honorable Mention
Caroline Chou 8 Herbert Hoover Short Story (SPACE) Winner
Aliya Voyles 8 Robert Frost Short Story Honorable Mention

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Congratulations to our 2018-19 Awardees

Mosaic 2019


Photos by Stephanie Williams Photography.