About Us

Friends of the Library, Montgomery County (FOLMC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that supports Montgomery County Public Libraries (MCPL) and promotes lifelong learning in Montgomery County, MD. FOLMC provides supplemental funding, programs, and materials and equipment to MCPL to augment public funding. The organization also operates two used bookstores in Rockville and Wheaton, MD.

Our Story

In 1982, a group of concerned citizens in Montgomery County formed FOLMC with the encouragement and cooperation of MCPL and the Montgomery County Library Board. The new organization’s goal was to make their good library system great, and FOLMC was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) a year later. As an independent nonprofit, FOLMC has operated for 40 years without relying on government funding; it is not part of Montgomery County Government or MCPL.


Everyone in the County values, benefits from, and supports Montgomery County Public Libraries.


To strengthen, promote, and champion Montgomery County Public Libraries (MCPL), for it to better serve the learning interests and needs of the diverse and changing communities of the County, by

  • Raising funds to enhance and supplement library programming, equipment, and services;
  • Increasing public awareness of library resources and connecting local communities with their branch libraries;
  • Creating volunteer opportunities for County residents to support MCPL;
  • Engaging with the County’s library support community to address the ongoing needs of the library system, and advocating for MCPL’s budget to the County government.


Education – we facilitate awareness of public library resources for everyone
Innovation – we embrace change and evolution of libraries
Service – we give back to our community
Integrity – we operate transparently as responsible stewards of public trust
Advocacy – we are champions for our library system

Core Documents

Articles of Incorporation


Racial Equity & Social Justice Statement

2020 – 2022 Strategic Plan (EXTENDED Through FY24)