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A Very Brief Introduction

Friends of the Library, Montgomery County was founded in 1982 and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 1983. With the support of the County Executive’s office and the Library Board, Friends began to organize support from the County’s community of Library patrons that would supplement the basic operating funds provided for in County’s annual budget. As a private non-profit, Friends has operated independently for more than 30 years without relying on government funding. We are not part of the Montgomery County Public Library System or the County, although we love both!

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A number of local corporations provided seed money to promote the organization and launch its first membership drive. One of the new organization’s first fundraising projects was an annual book sale, held in a bookmobile parked outside the old Rockville Library. Over the years, the Friends’ book sale has grown into a year-round operation.

Friends of the Library has grown, as well, and is continually expanding its reach. Today, Friends of the Library funds several community projects, including literary and scholarship programs, and provide increased opportunities for citizen philanthropic participation to benefit the public library system. We outreach to all groups and encourage everyone across the county to make use of the libraries and the opportunities they offer for enrichment and enjoyment.

Our Mission


Our mission is to strengthen, promote, and champion our public library system, as it responds to the changing needs of our diverse communities. This mission complements the combined efforts of Montgomery County Public Libraries, the Library Board and the Library Advisory Committees, providing program support, matching funds and specific materials and equipment to augment public monies and maintain a quality public library system.